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Our Customers
We promise to give you more than our best when it comes to your fencing needs.
We offer a monthly maintenace contract for our electric fencing.
We source the best quality materials and supplies for the job.

Straight Up Fencing

We started operating in 2001 and since then have become a trusted name in the fencing industry. We take our clients safety seriously and provide a top quality service with a satisfactory result.

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It's Not just a fence.

Choosing the right fence for you is imperitive. Ask yourself these important questions below:

Do you want Privacy?
Do you want to protect your assets?
Do you have a specific design in mind?
Do you want to be shielded from the wind?
Do you want to block the view of your street?
Do you want to keep your dogs in?

We are here to assist you with your needs.

Customer Feedback

"I contacted Jono from Straight Up fencing to install approximately 300 metres of 6 line electric fencing around my property in Durban North. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at not just his advice and knowledge, but the promptness of his quote and how quickly and efficiently he was able to complete the installation. I found the quote very affordable, and the quality of the workmanship exceeded my expectations. I am totally satisfied with the service I have received from Straight Up Fencing and have no reservations about recommending them. The other plus factor is the prompt back up service should an issue arise."
"I highly recommend Jono and his team at Straight Up Fencing. I had an emergency when a tree fell on my electric fence over the weekend. I called Jono and he came around very promptly. They repaired what they could, replaced the broken components and the fence was up and running in no time at all. The work was done professionally and at a very competitive rate. I would not hesitate to use Jono again. I got Jono’s number from a friend who had had a large palisade fence installation done by Straight up Fencing and he was very happy with the result!"